How To Do

Add PowerPoint Slide Presentation to webpage

To Make the Horizontal format of a Power Point presentation fit into a drupal webpage


I. In PowerPoint:

  1. Open presentation in PowerPoint
  2. Resize horizontal dimensions to view full width: File > PageSetup > 4:3; to Width: 20cm, Height: 15cm)
  3. File > SaveAs > Format: pdf (the file size will still be too large)


II. In Adobe Acrobat Pro

  1. Open pdf file in Adobe Acrobat Pro
  2. File > SaveAs > Reduced Size PDF > Retain Existing > OK 

Files List

List of all files uploaded to Mapping server

Media page doesn't list the pdf files, and videos can't be searched for !?

To include a pdf or video file in the Media button, use the Web tab, after searching for file in File List and copying web address (right-click)

Add To Admin Menu

For Content: Admin To Do Lists

  1. Edit > At bottom of page content > Menu Settings > UnCheck 'Provide A Link'
  2. This content will occur in block above Admin Instruction
  3. To change order items to reflect the most recent > click gear at top-right of Admin To-Do List Menu on right-side block > Edit View > Sort Criteria > click Content: Date Started > Sort Ascending (most recent first) > Apply > Save

For Content: Admin Instructions

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