Community Mapping Collaboratory

The Community Mapping Collaboratory is hosted in the University of Victoria's Geography department, in the David Turbin Building Rm B209.


Mapping is a great way to build community. Your community! And the Mapping Centre is a great place to volunteer your time and effort to keep communities on the path towards sustainability. You'll learn lots and take away skills and a network that you'll use long after you're done at UVic.


The Community Mapping Collaboratory (CMC) is located in the UVic David Turbin Building Room B209.

The head leader of the CMC is Ken Josephson, Cartographer.

Telephone number: 250-721-7343

Fax: 250-721-6216




The CMC is designed to match the training and mentoring needs (and passions) of students with the community need for research. Through our model, interns develop employable skills and competencies for economic and social development and the digital economy, while community groups and civic governments advance their planning and policy processes, increase citizen engagement, empowerment and capacity towards more sustainable, prosperous and thriving communities.


UVic Community Mapping Collaboratory (CMC) Development Committee

Rosaline Canessa - UVic, Department of Geography
Ken Cooley - UVic Library
John Lutz - Office of Community-Based Research, director; Department of History, professor; committee chair
Bruce McKenzie - Community volunteer, GIS Specialist
Ian O’Connell - UVic Department of Geography
Jeff Weightman - CRD, Planning Analyst
Nikki Wright – Sea Change Society
Steve Young - City of Victoria GIS Coordinator


Our Vision

The vision of the Community Mapping Collaboratory (CMC) is to facilitate student learning, locally-based and globally-relevant research, community engagement, and sustainable community development and planning through participatory campus-community mapping projects.

Our Mission

The CMC, a joint university-community mapping initiative, will be hosted on the University of Victoria campus and be a model for campus-community interaction.

The CMC is:

Welcome to the CMC

Our world is facing challenges, from climate change to food security; from loss of indigenous knowledge to the disappearance of agricultural land.

How can individual voices be heard in an increasingly globalized world? How can we mobilize community assets and energy to contribute to societal well-being and to be a creative force for innovation? How can knowledge be shared between different groups – such as universities and their local and national communities?


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