Add PowerPoint Slide Presentation to webpage

To Make the Horizontal format of a Power Point presentation fit into a drupal webpage


I. In PowerPoint:

  1. Open presentation in PowerPoint
  2. Resize horizontal dimensions to view full width: File > PageSetup > 4:3; to Width: 20cm, Height: 15cm)
  3. File > SaveAs > Format: pdf (the file size will still be too large)


II. In Adobe Acrobat Pro

  1. Open pdf file in Adobe Acrobat Pro
  2. File > SaveAs > Reduced Size PDF > Retain Existing > OK 
  3. Rename file (to distinguish from original pdf) > Save
  4. Check to see the file size has diminished considerably i.e. < 25MB


III. In Drupal

  1. Create a 'dummy' web page to upload pdf file to server: Admin > Content > Add Content > Project
  2. Scroll down to Media: Attach Media > Browse > Upload A New File: Choose File > Upload > Next (the file will now be uploaded, and this 'dummy' page can be deleted)
  3. Find URL address of uploaded pdf file: Menu: Resources > MultiMedia > Sort By: Upload Order > Order: Desc > Apply
  4. Click link to recently uploaded pdf file > opens new page > Right-click link > Copy Link Address > Paste in new browser window to ensure you have the file you want
  5. In Webpage Body: Text Format: Full HTML
  6. Code Format: <embed src="paste file URL here" width="550" height="800">
  7. Adjust width and height to suit the size of the presentation slides




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