Add To Admin Menu

For Content: Admin To Do Lists

  1. Edit > At bottom of page content > Menu Settings > UnCheck 'Provide A Link'
  2. This content will occur in block above Admin Instruction
  3. To change order items to reflect the most recent > click gear at top-right of Admin To-Do List Menu on right-side block > Edit View > Sort Criteria > click Content: Date Started > Sort Ascending (most recent first) > Apply > Save

For Content: Admin Instructions

  1. Edit > At bottom of page content > Menu Settings > Check 'Provide A Link' > Choose Parent Item 'Admin Tasks & Instructions' > Save
  2. Make note of relative page URL path e.g.content/how-add-content-cmc-website
  3. go to
  4. Add link > Give link a title e.g. How To Add Content CMC Website
  5. Relative URL path e.g. content/how-add-content-cmc-website
  6. Choose Menu Parent Link
  7. Choose weight (larger numbers appear at bottom of menu - though these positions can be changed at the above menu admin tasks link)
  8. Save



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